Peer Gynt The Game

Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen’s undying play Peer Gynt, now recreated as an interactive game for children.

About the game

“Peer Gynt the Game” is an educational narrative journey for children.

The game takes you through the five act play by the Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen in an interactive way. The tales about Peer have been told through generations, and these, together with the nature and culture in the valley, is what inspired Henrik Ibsen to write the dramatic poem. A new way to experience Ibsen’s tale is here.

A new way to experience Ibsen

You’ll learn about Ibsen’s hilarious and enticing play and see more of Norway through this interactive journey. We aim to make you feel as a part of this adventure, rather than a listener of a narrative. 

An iconic story

Peer Gynt tells us about both the imaginary and the real. Peer finds himself in a fairytale with trolls and mythical creatures, he also goes through a journey that everyone can relate to… finding themselves. 

The story will make you reflect on what it means to be “yourself”

Accessible gameplay

An accessible introduction into Ibsens world. The game lets you experience the five act play with interactive gameplay suitable for children and approximately 2 hour game time optimized for use in classrooms and other learning environments.